David Moth at Econsultancy discusses why email is crucial for multichannel marketing. Email is playing a huge role in the increasingly multi-device behavior of customers and is the preferred mode of brand marketing for consumers in every age bracket. Email will always stay important because it’s one of the few communication channels that is free and easy to use to both automate and personalize. Email is rapidly becoming the center of the multichannel environment. Email is also trackable. The ability to track the customer journey through email with embedded links and landing pages is now an important method of gathering data and optimizing performance, lessons which can then be applied to other marketing channels. (Econsultancy)

Raymark Mosaic Clienteling and Raymark Mosaic Point of Sale are mobile solutions that allow store associates to capture emails and make the information accessible in real-time.

A look at two million email subscribers’ interactions with brands’ emails showed that the welcome email is the best time to reach subscribers. Columnist Tom Sather analyzes the first emails 100 retailers sent to new subscribers to see How Welcome E-mails Help Predict Future Subscriber Engagement and Value. Performance lagged for the 25% of retails that did not send welcome emails. Subscribers that read the welcome email are also more likely to read future promotional emails and shop more. One reason to send welcome emails is to improve chances for long-term engagement. This article has some great infographics too! (Marketing Land)

Want to make customers fall in love with your brand? To win over their customers, brands need to be innovative and understand what customers want. First impression is important and communication should be personalized to each target customer and optimized to send at the best time to get the most favorable response. If this is done successfully, the omni-channel experience crosses over to the in-store experience. A relationship is created and loyalty is built and word-of-mouth communication begins. (Entrepreneur)

Studies show that consumers are more influenced by friends and family (i.e. word of mouth) on the products that they purchase than the brand itself. Influencers, therefore, become a powerful partner for brands trying to break through the digital noise and add real value to their customers. Influencers share three common personality traits: they enjoy sharing stories, they like trying new things and they are intrinsically motivated. Ted Wright gives tips on how to find these influencers to increase word-of-mouth communication that will increase sales, drive growth and inspire long-term customer loyalty. (Entrepreneur)

Photo Source: tfaltings.de on flickr