Michael Karg, CEO of Razorfish, discusses what customers want from their omni-channel experience and how retailers can keep up with their customers’ expectations. Competition for retailers is rising with the elimination of geographical barriers allowing global brands to be more accessible through their online stores. There is a change in customer behavior and a rise in their expectations that is empowered by the exponential growth of technology. Customers now expect more convenience, excellent customer service, social proof of purchase, personalized experiences, and relevant content to inform their purchases. Consumers also expect to interact with brands seamlessly across channels and devices and have a consistent experience. The most successful retailers are omni-channel. (Minutehack)

The results from a new survey by Yes Lifestyle Marketing shows that retailers that have implemented an omni-channel clienteling strategy are seeing the benefits. Their customers are more engaged (63%), their sales are increased (56%) and customer loyalty is improved (44%). (Retail Touch Points)

The Total Retail 2015: Retailing in an Age of Disruption Report is now available from pwc. Customers have more retailers to choose from and their purchases are more influenced. The Total Retail survey asked customers their opinions on trends affecting their shopping experiences. 19,000 shoppers from 6 continents were surveyed. The report talks about the three main disruptors affecting the retail industry. They are the changing role of the store, mobile and related technologies, and the proliferation of social networks. The physical store however, still beats online as the preferred purchase destination for shoppers. Find out more about how shifts in technology are changing the shopping experience by downloading the free report. (pwc)

More than 1,200 IT professionals across eight industries with direct involvement in their organization’s cloud strategy were surveyed and asked about their successes, challenges and outlook for the future of the cloud. CDW summarized the results in the Cloud 401 Report that can be downloaded for free. (CDW)

Skincare company Origins spent two years interviewing hundreds of Millennials and embarked on a journey of insights, discovery and new product innovations in order to reach them. They set-up co-creation workshops in the US and China and listened to hundreds of Millennials discuss their lifestyles, needs and goals in life. They also had internal company meetings where they listened to what their Millennial employees had to say. In the end, the Origins “quarter-life campaign” was created. (Fast Company)

If you’d like to learn more about how Millennials shop and how they engage with brands check out our latest infographic, What Retailers Need to Know About Millennials.