With omnichannel systems becoming reality, brands are faced with more and more data about their customers. What are the key pieces of information that should be analyzed in order to map out your customers’ DNA? Elements to consider include their stage in the decision-making journey, demographics, preferences and desires, and several others shared in this on-point article from Inc. (Inc.)

A new study from Forrester confirms that smartphones are becoming an increasingly important part of the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. The study uncovered that 84% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in-store, while more than half use the devices to find and redeem coupons while shopping in-store. (ChainStoreAge)

There’s no question that consumers have short attention spans these days. We’re surrounded with information: typical mobile users check their phone at least 150X per day! How, then, can brands win consumers’ attention to get their messaging across? MarketingProfs suggests some key considerations for marketers, including keeping messaging simple, using well-crafted visuals, and adapting the content to the channel. (MarketingProfs)

Many fashion retailers are missing out on important revenue opportunities by underserving a significant demographic segment in North America: plus-size women. According to new research from NPD Group, the under-served category is worth $17.5 billion. (Business Insider)

Looking to improve your customer experience? Start by looking at your company culture! Leading by example is a great way to ensure that your associates truly understand the experience you want to provide to your customers. Building positivity, openness, helpfulness and other core values into your day-to-day corporate culture will inevitably affect the experience delivered to customers. (Winthecustomer.com)

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