Sales training programs are used to teach sales staff how to sell and service customers. The main reason why retail sales training programs are not as effective as they should be is because they are missing a key ingredient: Role Playing. Role Playing is the most effective and efficient way to reinforce selling skills and build an on-going sales culture amongst store associates. The article, which includes a short educational video, discusses different ways to use this important training technique. (Graff Retail)

Hiring the right store associates is critical to a retailer’s success. Store associates have to fit in with the store culture, be personable and make sales. Bob Phibbs, aka The Retail Doctor, explains How to Interview and Discover Amazing Retail Employees. The top 5 critical questions to ask candidates are also included. (

H&M is expanding in the US and plans to hire thousands through their recruiting campaign. They are making sure to communicate the benefits, pay and sustainability efforts as competition for retail workers has pushed companies to create more attractive workplace environments. The campaign is part of a growing shift toward the perception of retail jobs as sustainable long-term careers and shows a willingness among retail companies to be more vocal about their company culture, says Bill Thorne, senior vice president at the National Retail Federation. The campaign includes video testimonials from current employees, promotes its sustainability efforts and focuses more on employee freedom, sick time and vacation perks. H&M is also heavily promoting the opportunity for long-term careers, not just temporary hourly wage jobs. The company says 35% of its executive team started out as sales advisers, what they call store associates. (USA Today)

The key to Employee Advocacy is marketing internally to employees first. Savvy retail marketers know that employee engagement leads to higher sales. Download the free white paper, The Retail Marketer’s Guide to Employee Advocacy, and learn what retailers need to know to launch an Employee Advocacy program with examples of proven practices to drive Employee Advocacy. (RetailTouchPoints)