Most customers would agree that prices should be exactly the same online and in stores. Brian Walker, founder and CEO of Retail Doctor Group, asked this question to members of the Ebeltoft group, a worldwide alliance of retail experts. According to James Okamura of Okamura Consulting from the USA, “pricing differentials between stores and online is the norm not the exception. Every leading multi-channel retailer has occasion to have pricing differences across channels; and if the strategy calls for it, there should be.” According to British consultant Nick Ashcroft, of Pragma UK, “this is increasingly uncommon in the UK as it is considered bad practice and a recipe for cannibalization of bricks and mortar stores.” Find out what other experts in Thailand, Portugal, Spain, France and Poland had to say. (Inside Retail Australia)

Sal Pecoraro, Vice President of Marketing Technology and Support at Yes Life Cycle Marketing is an expert in clienteling who was recently asked how clienteling can be used to personalize the in-store experience for customers. By implementing clienteling, retailers will have a single view of their customers, be better positioned to convert customers in-store, differentiate their brand from the competition, and grow long-term value. (Yes Life Cycle Marketing)

There are seven major lessons retailers learned in 2015. One of the most important lessons is that sales associates need to be tech-empowered. They also learned that same-day fulfillment is mission-critical and that personalization must be real-time. Sharon Goldman provides an excellent summary of the most important lessons for retailers in 2015. (