To implement a successful omni-channel strategy, a retail store needs to determine the key tasks or actions that customers perform throughout the shopping experience, and then let them accomplish those tasks across multiple channels. Aaron Aguis of HubSpot highlights 7 excellent examples from top brands that are successfully implementing omni-channel experiences. They include Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of America, Oasis, REI, Starbucks and Chipotle. These brands make the customer’s life as easy as possible and also facilitate communication through their omni-channel strategies. (HubSpot)

Deloitte recently released its Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2015 report.  This report identifies the 100 largest global luxury goods companies, and examines the trends shaping the sector. The report covers four categories of luxury goods (designer apparel, handbags and accessories, fine jewelry and watches, and cosmetics and fragrances). The report also includes a special discussion on the importance of technology and channel innovation when connecting with luxury consumers. (Deloitte)

CapGemini surveyed 18,000 consumers in order to understand the changing nature of their retail habits and their preferences for digital channels such as apps and social media. They examined how consumers interact with both physical and online retailers and their expectations and motivations to make a purchase. Price remains the most important factor for buying products which leads to more price comparisons and consumer expectations to pay less over digital channels. Future trends include potential of buying direct from the brand manufacturers and the rise of in-store technology. (Smart Insights)

There have always been security concerns about data loss and privacy when it comes to a cloud environment. Users can avoid more than 90% of the most common threats by applying six security practices. They include having strong passwords, making sure data moving between the company and a cloud service is encrypted, and making local backups of the data. (CIO)