Creating a memorable retail experience that people will share takes more than optimizing a handful of social media accounts. It’s about building connections through a variety of means and it happens in authentic personal interactions both before and after a purchase has been made. Social platforms are merely tools for achieving a higher goal, which is creating an engaged customer base of brand evangelists. Read the four tips presented in this article to learn how to build a retail brand that promotes a true sense of community. (Entrepreneur)

Many retail brands have an incentive to give loyalty privileges to big spenders, but are these tangible results the only way to keep customer interested? A study by Colloquy shows 62% of mid-tier loyalty program members and 57% of highest-tier loyalty members are motivated by access to special events. Likewise, receiving superior service motivates 79% of mid-tier and 74% of highest-tier loyalty members. Retailers, it’s time to reconsider your tiered loyalty program. (L2)

The customer journey may no longer be starting in the store, but this doesn’t imply that brick-and-mortar stores are dead. According to a study by ORC International, among digital shoppers worldwide, 72% said the traditional store experience was important when making a purchase—the highest percentage out of locations and channels studied. However, results indicated that there was indeed demand for a more digital store experience among today’s tech-savvy shoppers. (eMarketer)

Indoor locationing technologies are enabling retailers to engage with customers in many new ways. For instance, retailers can personalize greetings as customers enter the store, offer tailored coupons to customers during each of their visits, provide live assistance in record time, provide automatic wayfinding in the store and offer unique services that allow customers to be able to get out of the store faster. (RIS News)

Thinking of taking your business international? Careful, you may already be doing so. A professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology believes that as you open your website, and you make it available to the world, you are global, even if you don’t want to be. As brands open up their business globally, through digital, their strategy for different markets needs to reflect cultural differences. Read the four tips mentioned in this article for advice on executing a global digital retail strategy. (Luxury Daily)