Find out what NYC retail leaders are reading. Here’s a summary of their recommendations of 22 blogs, books, and newsletters that they’re most likely to suggest to colleagues on the following topics:
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“The tablet revolution has not just reached the retail industry, it has become one of the most essential elements shoppers have come to expect.”  Tablets have a number of uses including product display/in-store information, in-store mobility, in-store payment processing and access to customer feedback. Tablet applications are actually preferred by store associates because they can use one device to instantly process payments, create customer profiles, process gift cards, lookup inventory that is related to the product being purchased for target recommendations and email or wirelessly print receipts. Retailers that use tablets have a huge competitive advantage.(Independent Retailer)

It’s inevitable that all businesses will be moving to the cloud in the future. Steve Strauss discusses the top 10 reasons why a company would look to move to the cloud. There are a multitude of business reasons to move to the cloud but there’s no absolutely perfect reason. For one company, it will be the flexibility that cloud offers while another will be looking to cut costs. The key approach is to make sure that a move to the cloud is planned fully, costed accurately and rigorously monitored. (USA Today)

J. Skyler Fernandes, Managing Director at Simon Venture Group, discusses in-store versus e-commerce retail in his presentation, “The Future of Retail”. He looks at growth rates, omni-channel retailing, enhanced shopping experiences, millennials and the transformation of retail space. (Sideshare)