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The Shtofman Company Inc. benefits from operational efficiency and accurate data analysis with Raymark’s Xpert-Series

Independent shoe retailer Shtofman had out-grown their current retail management systems and this led them to search for more sophisticated procurement, allocation and replenishment tools. Their previous system was out-dated and de-centralized and this resulted in frequent inaccuracies in data which had an increasing impact on buying and stock movement decisions. In a fast-paced and competitive market, it was vital that the new solution was centralized and fully automated to ensure data accuracy for better decision making to ensure the company’s continued growth.

A family owned business, Shtofman was looking for a solution provider who combined years of experience with a personalized approach. Shtofman considered three vendors in their search but upon visiting Raymark’s headquarters, based in Montreal, they knew they had found the right fit. Raymark’s consultative approach enabled Shtofman to explore their business needs and through detailed business process analysis, identify a solution that met their requirements.

“Raymark has contributed to our business by providing a centralized solution that enables us to accurately monitor operations at the store level.” says Carrie Krasner, Vice President of Marketing, The Shtofman Company Inc. “Using detailed data we are making better procurement, allocation and merchandising decisions which have led to increased sales.”

Shtofman selected Raymark’s Xpert-Series retail management solution because it is a centralized and integrated system. Raymark’s Xpert-Series provides Shtofman with in-depth information enabling them to make key decisions resulting in better informed procurement and replenishment choices and improvements in operational efficiency.

Xpert-Series™ features sophisticated reporting tools which allowed Shtofman to track sales at each store. As Krasner says, “From an operational perspective Raymark’s Xpert-Series has really benefited us. Using the detailed reporting tools we have been able to analyze and compare styles, colors and price-points to make better purchasing and merchandising decisions.”

Furthermore, Shtofman can now analyze the average price-point per store enabling them to allocate products accurately and optimize the price points. In addition, the provision of accurate data enabled Shtofman to analyze staff performance at each store. With a new automated system, Shtofman can track staff purchases and discounts and implement a company-wide return policy which could be tracked through the centralized system. The addition of a clock-in/clock-out policy, using Raymark’s finger-print identification feature, ensures an accurate view of staff productivity.

Since implementation, Shtofman has been able to effectively procure, allocate and merchandise products throughout the store network which has led to increased sales and reduced mark-downs. Raymark’s solution enabled Shtofman to monitor staff productivity. By implementing company-wide policies and with tools to accurately monitor store data, Shtofman was able to increase sales in their largest store by 25%.

Raymark’s Xpert-Series has enabled Shtofman to centralize and automate their store operations as they move into the next phase of growth. The Shtofman Co., Inc. is a fourth generation family-owned footwear retailer based in Tyler, Texas. Currently, they own and operate 18 outlets throughout Texas named Shoe Envy, Factory Shoe Warehouse, Festival Shoes, Fiesta Shoes and San Shu. Located in high-traffic, highly visible areas, the stores offer a wide-ranging selection of high-fashion footwear at affordable prices. Founded in 1929, The Shtofman Co., Inc. is enjoying its 82nd year of success.