Better Decisions. Faster Implementation. Lower IT Costs.

Mi9 Retail provides the only enterprise-grade merchandise management and retail analytics offering available as a single solution, which delivers meaningful insights based on real-time and accurate data to enable better decision making.  This single platform approach also significantly lowers implementation and ongoing IT requirements, thus delivering the highest ROI in the market.

Maximize Data and Deliver Meaningful Insights

Direct channels and the store channel share one merchandising and reporting system providing one version of the truth. This rich collection of real-time data enables you to interpret, at-a-glance, complex information leading to more informed decisions necessary to improve inventory utilization, increase sales and margins, and increase inventory turns.


  • Provides unprecedented data management
  • Provides ETL and data cleansing tools
  • Makes data universally available and usable to merchandising, POS, CRM, financial, and other retail systems
  • Provides the right information anywhere, anytime for reports and decision-making
  • Offers live inventory visibility across channels
  • Allows a unified view of your customers across channels, time and geographies
  • Ensures stock is in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.
  • Helps boost sales and profitability

Industry Leading ROI and Time to Value

A complete suite available as a single product built with superior technology enables rapid implementations, minimized integration points and low support requirements that provide higher ROI and quick time to value.


  • Offers a full range of implementation services including: project management, system sizing, network design, user and technical training, customization and application integration
  • Mi9 Intelligence is a ‘load and go’ system, not a toolset, designed to be up and running in as little as 90 days
  • Mi9 Merchant’s overall design and technology foundation make it inherently much easier and significantly faster to implement than other merchandising systems – in about 150-180 days

Improve Productivity and Lower Costs

Whether handling store transactions, processing invoices, running managerial reports or any other daily process, the Mi9 Retail Suite of products can improve productivity and reduce man hours with streamlined processes for both the corporate office and store locations.


  • Reduces IT intervention
  • Reduces amount of time to gather insightful data
  • Reduces amount of time and personnel required for invoice processing
  • Reduces training-related down time
  • Reduces amount of time for store management processes
  • Improves store associate productivity through quicker and easier access to product info and inventory management