The Raymark team is officially back from New York City where we spent two great days exhibiting at NRF’s BIG Show, one of the largest retail events in the world. This year’s show attracted 30,000 attendees and Raymark was among the 500 companies who exhibited at the EXPO hall.

During the exhibit, Raymark’s booth was bubbling with activity. Not only did we have the opportunity to meet many new retailers and showcase our applications, but we also had a special guest speaker that truly marked our experience at NRF’s BIG Show.

Here’s a glimpse of our favorite Raymark moments:

Mobility: As the demand and chatter surrounding mobile solutions has increased, it came to no surprise that mobility was one of the most popular topics discussed at the show. The iPads and HP tablets which displayed our mobile solution Mosaic drew many curious retailers to our booth. As our product specialists presented the feature set and navigated through our Mosaic Point of Sale, Clienteling and Lookbook applications we were very pleased with the positive reactions and responses we received.

Raymark at Epson’s booth: Thanks to our business partner Epson America Inc., we were privileged to have our own station within the Epson booth. At the booth, a Raymark representative was demoing our Mosaic POS system which was connected via Bluetooth to Epson’s Mobilink TM-P60II MFi mobile receipt printer. Thank you Epson for this visibility opportunity!

Analytics: We were excited to see that big data analytics was another hot topic, especially since we launched our next generation Raymark Affinity Analytics solution just in time for NRF’s BIG Show. Raymark’s new analytics solution which has been designed for head office and management users, is a powerful and incredibly easy-to-use tool to create and view graphical dashboards and reports based on transactional, product or customer profile data from any omni-channel source, including POS, e-commerce, merchandising, CRM and many more.

The Art and Science of Clienteling at Saks Fifth Avenue: We are honored to have had Don Uselmann, Senior Vice President Director of Stores at Saks Fifth Avenue speak at our booth. Over 50 people made their way into our 400 square foot booth on Monday afternoon to listen to Don’s story about the importance of building customer relationships in luxury retail and how Saks Fifth Avenue has empowered their sales associates with Raymark’s mobile Clienteling solution. Don’s experience in the industry, his anecdotes and his passion for retail are what truly made his presentation memorable. We greatly thank Don for sharing Saks Fifth Avenue’s philosophy on clienteling. To learn more about the presentation, click here.

Behind the scenes: We wanted to share several pictures showing how our distinct red and white booth came together for the show.

Thank you: On behalf of the Raymark team we thank all the visitors we met at our booth and for their interest in our company and retail solutions. As well, we thank our business partners RPE, Toshiba, HP, Epson and Shift4 for their continuous support. You have each contributed in making NRF’s BIG Show a huge success.