NOTE:  Raymark is now part of the Mi9 Retail team. Read the press release here

Raymark, a global leader in enterprise retail software solutions, today announced its acquisition of Retaligent Solutions, Inc. (“Retaligent”), a leading clienteling and customer centricity solutions provider in the retail industry.

Retaligent’s products include sophisticated and integrated retail clienteling, CRM, and loyalty solutions. Built on the Microsoft technology platform, application features improve customer engagement while creating long-term brand loyalty across all points of customer interaction. Through clienteling, retailers are able to provide the knowledge of the enterprise where it is needed most – at the point of decision. Retaligent’s end-to-end solution for multi-channel customer management provides retailers with a unique opportunity to accelerate the execution of their customer engagement strategies by driving sales growth while improving sales associates’ productivity.

“Raymark and Retaligent are clearly aligned in multiple areas of expertise. Together we serve some of the world’s most prestigious retail customers specialized in department stores, cosmetics and the luxury retail market, have multiple global and proven implementations and share a passion for the customer engagement initiative.”said Marc Chriqui, President of Raymark.” Raymark is proud to add Retaligent’s solutions to extend our offering.”

With the integration of Retaligent’s clienteling and CRM solutions, Raymark’s comprehensive Xpert-Series™ enterprise software suite will provide retailers with a complete end-to-end customer-centric platform that will empower retailers to create connected relationships with their customers and increase conversions and sales across channels.

“We are very excited to become a member of the Raymark family.” said Scott Pearson, Retaligent’s CEO. “Raymark is the perfect partner for this acquisition, due to their extensive experience in retail, their vision of the future of retail technology, and their growing global presence. The combined effect of our joined solutions will provide the market with best-of-breed capabilities across a wide variety of platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, PCs and point-of-sale terminals.”

About Retaligent Solutions, Inc.
Retaligent provides the world’s premier retailers with Clienteling, CRM, Loyalty, Assisted Selling and Gift Registry/Wish List applications that improve associate performance while enhancing the customer experience – in-store – at the point of decision. Founded on Retaligent’s extensive retail expertise, Retaligent’s software solutions, Clarience 1:1 and its new retail CRM offering Charisma 1:1 built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, enhance customer knowledge, offer campaign and event management, provide associate task and communication tools, deliver product knowledge and improve operations on a common, integrated platform. The solutions are available for mobile, PC, POS, mobile and kiosk devices.