66% of customers will spend more with a company that provides excellent service and 70% of consumers expect companies to provide self-service tools. According to Gardner, 85% of customer relationships will be completely digital by 2020. A great infographic on omnichannel customer service in action from Get Elastic. (Get Elastic)

Another great article from Get Elastic emphasizes the high expectations of omnichannel customer service. Traditional customer service channels of store, telephone and email are today supplemented with online self-serve tools, live chat, social networks and even SMS alerts pushed to smartphones and wearables. 78% of customers agree that a company’s reputation for customer service is important to them when choosing to buy from a particular brand. (Get Elastic)

There is a growing demand for omnichannel shopping, browsing and fulfillment options and this creates a number of challenges for retailers such as increased exposure to risk. 65% of retailers believe they lack adequate fraud management tools to support effective fraud management in an omnichannel environment. A study was conducted by Forrester Consulting on the challenges and opportunities for omnichannel fraud management in a retail environment. The results are published with additional insights in a paper entitled, “Managing Fraud in an Omni-Channel World”. (ACIworldwide.com)

Key insights from the study are also summarized in an infographic. (ACIworldwide.com)

As technology makes it easier for businesses to market directly to customers, the expectations and the stakes go up. By its very nature, omnichannel retailing is about tuning in to the customer to enhance the shopping experience. This Venture Beat article discusses three omnichannel trends: 1. Mcommerce and a single view of the customer 2. The Internet of Things and permission-based identities 3. TV Everywhere and identity (Venture Beat)

The free omnichannel toolkit can be downloaded from Gigya. It includes a whitepaper that examines three key strategies to create successful omnichannel user experiences by establishing cohesive brand and consumer identities.

Feature Photo Source: Anna Novoseltseva