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Luxury Brand S.T.Dupont Optimizes Daily Management of Its Stores with Raymark

Photo Credit – S.T.Dupont – All rights reserved – 2012

The Luxury Fashion Accessory Specialist Centralizes Front & Back Office Management to Improve Customer Engagement

S.T.Dupont, one of France’s most iconic luxury brands has entrusted Raymark, the retail software provider with equipping its stores in Front, Back Office and reporting solutions. Raymark specializes in providing software solutions to retailers, with strong experience in the luxury sector having provided solutions to brands within the LVMH Group. Today, S.T.Dupont benefits from a solution tailor made to the company’s business and product range, which at the same time enables the company to strengthen the relationship it has with its customers.

“The software is easy to use and because it is intuitive, doesn’t require a great deal of staff training”.
– Nicolas Codet, IT Systems Director at S.T.Dupont

S.T.Dupont and the Art of Luxury Around the World

S.T.Dupont was founded in 1872, the company manufactures and sells four ranges of luxury accessories: The Art of Travel, The Art of Fire, The Art of Writing and The Art of Seduction. S.T.Dupont was originally a leather goods specialist, over the decades it has been in business, the company has provided its customers with exceptional products of worldwide renown, such as bespoke luggage, writing instruments and of course lighters.

The company’s 500 plus employees are based around the world, with more than 300 at the company’s Paris headquarters and production sites at Fayerges in France’s Haute-Savoie region.S.T.Dupont has around 240 points of sale in total, 138 of which are shop-in-shop, 20 stores run by the brand and 40 run under licence. The company is listed on the stock exchange and recorded a €62 million turnover in 2010/2011, 40% of which was generated in Asian markets and 18% in France.

Recent years have been synonymous with renewal, with the launch of several new collections, such as its young, colourful range of Minijet lighters, its “Liberté” range of pens aimed at women, and the “Cuir Diamant”, collection of stylish leather goods. The company has recently reopened its made to measure luggage workshop, reviving the company’s heritage as a luggage maker. One of the first pieces produced by the workshop was the wedding gift offered by France to Prince William.

Real-Time Sales Data

The company’s previous retail software solution had become obsolete and incompatible with the company’s growth. The management decided to invest in a new solution that would meet its precise requirements. The solution needed to be multi-lingual, multi-tax and multi-currency compatible. The management interface had to be identical in stores in Paris as in the chain’s stores in Shanghai and data generated needed to be easy to share.

“A solution with multi-tax capabilities, multiple languages, and multiple currencies was essential for running our stores.”

– Nicolas Codet, IT Systems Director at S.T.Dupont


High on the IT department’s list of requirements was having access to a centralised system. Management needed to monitor stores and in particular sales in real time. Previously, sales information was sent manually once per day, a process which left room for errors and omissions. In addition to these key requirements, S.T.Dupont wanted to ensure that the solution chosen could deal with ‘hard’ products, such as lighters, accessories and leather goods, as well as ready to wear items with complicated identification criteria (such as sizes and colours) which require more complex management.

Raymark’s global footprint was a key factor when choosing suppliers. The company’s presence in Europe, North America and in particular its presence in China, a market where the software supplier has invested significantly, represented a valuable advantage for S.T.Dupont. Raymark is capable of equipping an international network of stores with its Xpert-Series™ software, which is available in over 25 languages, and supports multiple currencies, international price management and a universal tax system. This meant that S.T.Dupont could roll the system out across its entire worldwide network, and in particular its stores in Asia (Japan, Taiwan).The centralised system sought by S.T.Dupont is a key part of what Raymark’s “Customer Centric” offering. Store transaction data is automatically sent to the headquarters, placing the customer at the heart of the system.

“Our previous IT system was getting old, and above all, didn’t meet the expectations of the company’s new management who wanted effective feedback on a daily basis. The IT department began looking for the best solution for the brand. Raymark met all of our requirements, and in addition their list of previous clients, such as LVMH was highly persuasive”, explains Nicolas Codet, IT Director, S.T.Dupont. Thanks to its multiple features, Xpert-Series™ fits seamlessly with our business and provides easy interface with market ERP thanks to its universal connector. This is also the case for S.T.Dupont’s ERP (JD Edwards) which communicates automatically with Xpert-Series™.

For S.T.Dupont, powerful features, ergonomics and ease of use were all decisive factors. The company needed its teams to be able to operate the system quickly. The solution is based on Microsoft’s .Net technology and provides an intuitive graphic interface, which is both user-friendly and compatible with standard computer platforms.

The System has Become an Essential Tool

Since the Raymark suite was installed on its systems in France, S.T.Dupont has benefitted from much improved real-time network visibility. This enables the company to better manage inventory and provides management with far more precise analysis to manage its points of sale on a daily basis.

The Xpert-Series™ suite is used as a product information and transaction tool, which makes it highly effective at managing the brand’s VIP customers.S.T.Dupont is now able to keep track of its customers everywhere in the world, providing the company with valuable data that will facilitate future sales and customer satisfaction.
The Raymark suite provides information such as the age group of customers, in store average spend, purchase preferences, whether items were purchased as a gift, or as a personal purchase. The data collected are used for direct marketing operations. S.T.Dupont also uses the Xpert-Series™ software as a training tool, the company’s teams have adapted to using the system without difficulty. S.T.Dupont’s flagship store on Avenue Montaigne, Paris is equipped with the Raymark solution.

“Aside from the efficiency of Raymark Xpert-Series™ software in centralised management of the Front and Back Office, the suite helps us to keep better track and analyse the purchasing habits of our VIP customers.” concludes Nicolas Codet, IT Director, S.T.Dupont.

Xpert-Store™: POS solution FO & BO
Xpert-VIP™: Customer profiling module
Xpert-XEIS™: Multidimensional reporting tool
Xpert-XIST™: Inventory management tool
Xpert-XIMT™: Interface management tool
The company also benefits from Raymark’s customer service, which includes comprehensive training in tools and constant updates.