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“Raymark has contributed to our business by providing a software solution that allows us to improve our communication as well as enables us to make quick and informed decisions based on the available information.”
– Mr. Marcelo Baltzer, Information Systems Director Loewe, a subsidiary of LVMH

The Challenge

Loewe’s drive to find a new retail management solution was fuelled by the ‘Y2K Challenge’. Not only was their in-house application not Y2K compliant, it also lacked the functionality in the areas of Customer Management, Invoicing, Cashier Operations, In-House Account Management, Purchase Order Management and Store Transfers that were key to Loewe’s growing international business. Lastly, and most importantly, the new solution needed to solve Loewe’s multiple currency, languages and tax table challenges.

The Solution

Loewe’s year-long search led them to Raymark. Not only was Raymark able to provide a Y2K-compliant Windows-based application, but also a solution that was rich in the functionalities that were key to their business. Loewe’s implementation was a perfect exercise to challenge Raymark’s knowledge of the international retail market. Raymark met the challenges of Loewe’s multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-tax requirements. The solution was also able to provide an extremely rich VIP management facility. The result is that Loewe’s primary goal of finding a Y2K-compliant solution was achieved.

Raymark’s rich global functionality provides Loewe with the information they require to make key decisions to increase sales and operational efficiency. The system features nine languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese and two Chinese dialects. In addition, Raymark’s functionality makes it perfect for international expansion as it features a universal taxation system configured to operate in any state or country. The International Pricing feature enables global retailers, such as Loewe, to price the same merchandise according Loewe to different cost structures and currencies. Most importantly, Loewe is now able to benefit from a clear exchange of information using Raymark’s Replication. A scalable point of sale solution will grow with Loewe’s needs. From a single register to hundreds, Raymark will provide the maximum level of performance – all with an infinite number of head office users supporting an infinite number of retail locations.

In August, 1999, Loewe implemented its pilot store in Madrid’s luxurious Hotel Palace. To date, 25 point of sale solutions have been installed across the Loewe organization, including their head office merchandise management solution.

The Benefits

Since implementation, Loewe has been able to consolidate information from their worldwide network of locations while also providing a flexible application that is adaptable to their needs. Raymark’s VIP Management Module was an important element for Loewe to maintain and exceed the exceptional service that their clientele had come to expect from such a distinguished retailer. Internally, Raymark was able to solve one of Loewe’s biggest challenges, the ability of effectively exchange information throughout their international organization.

About Loewe
Loewe is one of Europe’s leading fashion and accessories retailers serving an exclusive clientele since 1892. Today, Loewe operates with 1200 employees, 3 factories, 2 leather workshops and 1 textile plant. This infrastructure supports 140 point of sale terminals in their fashion division and an additional 2,500 outlets in their accessories division.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Raymark team as they have shown a strong dedication to their company and to their customers. They are always available to ensure our satisfaction.”
– Mr. Marcelo Baltzer Information Systems Director Loewe, a subsidiary of LVMH