MIAMI, August 25, 2016 – Mi9 Retail, a premier provider of enterprise retail and e-commerce solutions, announces the launch of Bistro and UDT (Universal Data Translator), innovative software applications that automate the implementation and deployment of Mi9 Retail solutions.  Both Bistro, which fully automates software deployments, and UDT, which enables data transformations and integration without coding, are currently deployed in production and have already proven to significantly reduce implementation effort.  Both applications utilize an intuitive and powerful graphical user interface to make the process of deploying and integrating solutions nearly as easy as pushing a button.

Mi9 Retail is the only provider of a single end-to-end enterprise system for merchandise management. Therefore, Mi9 customers avoid the costs and complexity of integrating best-of-breed systems or older merchandising suites.

Despite the fundamental advantages of its solutions, Mi9 Retail began development of the UDT and Bistro technologies nearly two years ago in response to market feedback that the cost to implement enterprise retail solutions was disproportionately large relative to license costs.  “Because of the growth of omni-channel, retailers need to implement new products and solutions, however, they’re often constrained by the cost and risk of making these changes,” said Neil Moses, President of Mi9 Retail.  “We believe that new technologies such as UDT, Bistro and our cloud capabilities will accelerate retailers’ adoption of Mi9’s modern enterprise retail systems.”

“We have deliberately dissected all of the methods, procedures and technical components required to install, integrate and deploy our solution”, said Mr. Moses.   “We then rebuilt and reengineered them with the goal of reducing time and complexity to a minimal level while driving out the errors and inconsistencies inherent in complex implementations.  This makes it even easier for our own professional services teams as well as our customers and partners to use.”

Mr. Moses also stated that many retailers are running legacy systems that are due for major upgrades.  “We think that Bistro and UDT are going to shake things up as retailers review the vendor landscape before deciding which retail system they’re going to bet on for the next 10 to 15 years.”

About Mi9 Retail:
Mi9 Retail, the premier provider of enterprise retail merchandising, business intelligence and customer-centric software, empowers the world’s most successful retailers to build strong personal relationships with their customers, process high volumes of transactions in real time and optimize inventory across all channels utilizing a single, accurate source of the truth. Built using cutting-edge technology, the software minimizes costs of ownership and provides the industry’s fastest time to value. The company’s global headquarters are located in Miami, FL, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. To learn more, please visit