The intelligent, machine learning-powered e-commerce platform drives loyalty, discovery, and increased basket size by tailoring the shopping experience to each unique customer.

One-to-One Personalization

Boosts shopper engagement by personalizing the user experience based on behavioral, psychographic, and demographic data and insights.

Retailer Control

Delivers full control over operations and the user experience with a modern content management system that includes search configuration and campaign control capabilities, recipes, retailer-generated lists, and built-in intelligent promotions and recommendations engines.


Integrates seamlessly into other Mi9 Retail and third-party solutions to deliver the adaptability needed to keep up with the evolving, omni-channel landscape of the grocery vertical.

Business Consulting

Mi9 Retail can provide you with end-to-end consulting services to gain maximum value with the Digital Experience Platform. Our solution and industry experts will guide you along the way with years of experience, based on best practices to ensure you gain a high return on your investment.

The Digital Experience Platform Enables:


  • Provide an end-to-end digital experience to shoppers
  • Retain ownership and control over brand, voice, and customer data
  • Easily tell stories and craft brand messages through custom content pages
  • Monetize the online storefront with CPG and brand advertising

Brands (CPGs)

  • Access a platform with unique consumer base to reach a highly-qualified audience of grocery shoppers
  • Place ads that will target the right buyer with the right product at the right time
  • Discover creative ways to reach consumers with relevant content and promotions


  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Choose from a large variety of products
  • Enjoy a seamless, easy customer experience


First-Time Users

An intuitive shopping experience for first-time users guides them to begin by selecting a delivery address, then tailors the product assortment based on what’s available in their geographic area.

Easy and Intuitive Navigation

Fly-out navigation and descriptive naming make it easy for the user to find what they want to buy, accessing categories and site features with fewer clicks.

Store Locator

An easy-to-use store locator recognizes zip code, city, or state on any device to encourage visits to local physical stores.

My Account

Users can find all of their information in one place, including preferred stores, past purchases, and their in-store grocery club profile (where applicable).

Enhanced Search

Enhanced search tools enable personalized search, sponsored results, and intelligent autocomplete with smart suggestions.


Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with brand- and retailer-promoted content. From seasonal to cross-category products, make promotions and seasonal content easily discoverable to shoppers as they browse the platform.

Product Browse

59% of all grocery shoppers state that saving time is by far the greatest motivation for purchasing groceries online.*

Help shoppers locate what they want quickly with easy to read, fast-loading product cards, multiple product images, product details, nutritional information, and streamlined add-to-cart functionality.

*GutCheck, “Grocery E-Commerce Consumers Agile A7tudes & Usage™ Study”


Deliver engaging digital shopping content with the familiarity of newspaper.

Circulars represent 25% of overall retailer page views, and, on average, users spend 34 seconds per circular page. Circular pages are viewed by at least 25% of unique users and 70% of those users do so on a desktop computer or tablet.*

Users who view one circular page are more engaged than the overall site audience. They spend 1.6X more time on site, turn 1.8X more pages, and have a low bounce rate.

*Mi9 Data & Insights Team, September 19, 2018.

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Advanced Shopping Cart

Offer a clear and concise cart overview that makes it easy for shoppers to update, checkout, and add notes for specific requests, substitutions, or replacements.

In-store Shopping List

Shoppers can build their own mobile-accessible shopping lists or easily print their list to assist them with shopping while in store.

Easy Reorder (Past Purchases)

Encourage customer loyalty and make it easy for repeat shoppers to buy, buy more, and buy again with easy reorders that allow them to place repeat orders in under five minutes.


Favorites, shown with a heart and list icon, allow users to quickly recognize and shop for their preferred items.

User-defined Lists

Save shoppers time with custom lists by Favorites, Past Purchases, Products, Text Lists, and SKUs.


Encourage discovery of new meal ideas with shoppable recipes that enable shoppers to add all necessary ingredients to cart with a single click.

Reserve Time Slot

Shoppers can reserve the most convenient time for a delivery without disrupting their shopping in an easy overlay at the top of any page.

Delivery to Click & Collect

Whether they prefer to pick up orders in-store or need them to be delivered right to their home, the Digital Experience Platform provides options that are tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

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