Who is this document for?

This white paper is written for professionals in retail organizations in a variety of verticals. Roles may include senior executives, information technology, operations, customer experience, finance, and more.

What will I learn about?

A cohesive omni-channel strategy can increase brand strength and enterprise profitability by delivering a single brand message across all channels, resulting in a highly-tailored customer experience. Therefore, the need for a clear omni-channel strategy and technology roadmap has become essential for retailers. As best practices in the area of omni-channel commerce become better defined, retail leaders create new capabilities that keep them at the front of the competitive curve.

In this exclusive white paper, you will learn about:

  • The evolution of omni-channel retail
  • The difference between multi-channel retail, omni-channel commerce, and everything in-between
  • What makes a great retail experience
  • How Mi9 Retail helps retailers create great shopping experiences
  • …and more!
How to Create Great Omni-Channel Experiences