holiday success

This year, the National Retail Federation estimates that holiday sales will increase 3.7% to $630.5 billion. Are you ready to make the most of the rush? Read on to learn how mobile technology can help retailers serve customers better, sell more and grow loyalty during this critically important time of the year.

Point of Sale

When most people think of mobile tools for retail stores, Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) is top-of-mind. During the holiday rush, MPOS can be an invaluable tool that reduces wait times and lineups, which can lead to lost sales as customers grow impatient with the crowds. In fact, even a short wait feels longer to consumers than it actually is. A recent study published by the Association for Consumer Research found that consumers consistently overestimated wait times, whereas and sales associates underestimated transaction times. MPOS not only speeds up the transaction time for many sales and helps to reduce lines, but it also enables associates to provide better customer service. During peak periods like the holiday season, MPOS can really help retailers serve customers quickly and efficiently, which is certain to please busy shoppers.


While MPOS is frequently the first priority for retailers when implementing mobile technologies in stores, it should not be the last. Mobile solutions for inventory management can not only be essential in increasing associate productivity, improving inventory accuracy and providing more informed customer service, they can also deliver greater returns on the investment in mobile hardware by using the devices for more diversified purposes. Associates can use mobile devices on the selling floor during the busy holiday season to locate stock in the back store without leaving the customer’s side, or in the event of stock-outs, real-time omni-channel product lookup is another important solution for the in-store retail mobility strategy. Providing access to this information adds greatly to associates’ ability to close a sale, either by locating to the available stock in the store, or across stores or e-commerce sites. Mobile tools can also assist associates in performing non-selling activities, such as transfers, inventory counts, and receiving, more efficiently and without leaving the selling floor.


Perhaps the most compelling of all mobile solutions for associate empowerment relates to concepts typically referred to as clienteling and assisted selling tools. Using these tools, associates are provided with solutions that help to influence a customer through the entire customer lifecycle – from the first sale, the repeat visit, to continued loyalty and even brand advocacy. During the holidays, clienteling wish lists can be used to suggest the ultimate gift. Clienteling equips associates with the personal information needed to truly personalize the experience for every customer. With increased traffic during the holiday rush, it’s a great time for associates to build their clienteling book to ensure that they can continue to grow and nurture personal relationships with top customers all year long.


Feature Photo Source: Tia International Photography