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Crumpler Fuels International Growth with Raymark Retail Solutions

NOTE:  Raymark is now part of the Mi9 Retail team Raymark is thrilled to announce that Crumpler, the iconic Australian bag maker and Official Supplier of Luggage to the 2016 Australian Olympic Team, has selected Raymark’s cloud-based store management software suite for deployment in their stores worldwide. The software initiative is aimed at supporting Crumpler’s [...]

Raymark Announces Partnership with Verifone for Electronic Payment Solutions

NOTE:  Raymark is now part of the Mi9 Retail team Raymark is pleased to announce a new partnership with Verifone, the global leader in providing trusted, secure and innovative payment terminals, global payment as a service, and commerce enablement solutions. Raymark will enhance its total payments solutions offerings for retailers with Verifone’s chip and PIN [...]

VIDEO Mosaic POS 3 Minute Demo

Raymark Mosaic Point of Sale provides device-agnostic POS functionality enabling you to run completely wireless stores. With complete POS functionality on PC, iPad, Android or Windows Tablets, its real-time capabilities make it a must-have for up-to-the second access to product and customer information. We access Mosaic Point of Sale from the dashboard, which will automatically [...]

The CIO’s Guide to Selecting Software for International Retail

With international borders increasingly blurred as e-commerce and mobile commerce become part of consumers’ everyday lives, more and more retailers are looking to expand their brick-and-mortar operations into new global markets. Be it by mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, franchises or strategic entry, penetrating new countries and continents can be a risky endeavor with potential for [...]

The CIO’s Guide to Selecting Software for Retail Franchises

Managing retail franchise operations brings about unique challenges and opportunities from a software standpoint. Franchisees want their independence, and ability to manage their businesses according to unique local demands, while franchisors need flexible controls to ensure the health of the overall brand. Finding a single POS or retail ERP solution that meets the needs of [...]

VIDEO: Raymark End to End Solutions for Retail Inventory Management

Sales forecasts, inventory budgets, replenishment... in retail, you're always thinking about the future. Raymark empowers retailers with inventory management software to make the most accurate plans for the future, with integrated, end-to-end solutions for retail management. Raymark’s solutions for Planning and Retail Inventory Management take financial planning, budgeting, and open-to-buy forecasting to a higher level. [...]

VIDEO: Raymark End to End Solutions for Customer-Centric Retail

Today's customer-centric retail organizations are collecting more omni-channel data than ever before about customers' purchases, behaviors, preferences and demographic profiles. This abundance of data often resides in disconnected databases, siloed and unavailable to the people that can make it actionable. It's also the key to enable retailers to make more informed decisions about every aspect [...]