Retail Experience

The Week in Retail: Physical Stores Are Here To Stay

A few weeks ago, an article in the New York Times outlined the challenges facing shopping malls and brick & mortar retail. The growth of income inequality, the growth of eCommerce and the excess of commercial space due to over development are contributing factors. (New York Times) Although some industry analysts have questioned the continued [...]

The Week in Retail: Exploiting Digital in Retail

Did you know that hearing your own name, as opposed to other names, triggers greater brain activation? As consumers, we crave personalization. Why? Because although it’s an illusion, it makes us feel in control because we’re not getting what everyone else is getting, it helps reduce information overload and therefore is more manageable for engagement [...]

The Week in Retail: How to Survive in the New Retail Environment

Today, social media has upended traditional shopping habits by sparking an active online recommendation culture. Now, consumers easily research products on blogs or ecommerce reviews. They frequently tap into their online network of trusted advisors for firsthand insights on brands they want to try. By harnessing the power of influencer marketing, consumer brands can create [...]

The Week in Retail: Creating a Memorable Retail Experience

Creating a memorable retail experience that people will share takes more than optimizing a handful of social media accounts. It's about building connections through a variety of means and it happens in authentic personal interactions both before and after a purchase has been made. Social platforms are merely tools for achieving a higher goal, which [...]