5 Strategies Footwear Retailers Should Use to Delight Their Customers

Today’s consumers have a myriad of choices at their fingertips and more access to information than ever before. In just minutes, they can check online reviews or even write some, making the shoe market an increasingly competitive one. Most importantly, clients are powerful enough to either force a store into bankruptcy [...]

Clienteling IQ Challenge

Test your Clienteling IQ 42% of retail store associates know very little about their most profitable customers in order to engage with them effectively. Clienteling is a perfect example of how technology is helping retailers develop stronger relationships with shoppers. Think you're a Clienteling expert? You're 13 questions away from gaining insight about [...]

The Week in Retail – The Missing Piece of Omnichannel: Returns

Customers expect consistency across shopping channels. As customer expectations for interactions with retailers across sales channels have become more sophisticated, so too have their demands for how returns are handled. Most retailers are still struggling to understand and respond to the return process. Find out some best practices that true omnichannel retailers are [...]

The Week in Retail: Should Prices Differ Between In-store & Online?

Most customers would agree that prices should be exactly the same online and in stores. Brian Walker, founder and CEO of Retail Doctor Group, asked this question to members of the Ebeltoft group, a worldwide alliance of retail experts. According to James Okamura of Okamura Consulting from the USA, “pricing differentials between stores [...]

The Week in Retail: The Store of the Future 2020

The future of the store experience is combining the digital experience and physical experience. Whisbi predicts the customer journey in the year 2020. The presentation explores the latest omni-channel innovations in the shopping experience. Click-to-collect, sidewalk shopping, smart mannequins, interactive displaying, connected showroom, augmented reality and many more! These technologies are already used by some [...]

The Week in Retail: Finding the Right Balance Between Offline and Online Presence

Professors at Wharton say that physical stores have advantages that online stores do not. Retailers are starting to realize that when opening new stores the customer experience needs to be reinvented. “It’s hard to get a sense of what a brand stands for from just a website, but a physical store allows potential consumers to [...]

The Week in Retail: 38 Surprising Valentine’s Day Stats

Valentine’s Day is a day away and consumer spending is expected to be a record high boosted by increased digital sales. Here are 38 key stats and facts you need to know about how consumers are spending on the most romantic day of the year. (Momentology) Some spending prdictions may surprise you. This year spending [...]