The Week in Retail: The Impact of Generational Differences

Millennials have been described as the “Me Me Me” generation. They are said to be tied to their mobile devices 24/7 and that they have no brand loyalty. It is also believed that traditional marketing doesn’t work on them. To thoroughly understand millennials, one needs to first recognize that millennials are much more than the [...]

The Week in Retail: Retail looks good in red, white, and blue!

Almost two thirds of Americans (64.4%) are planning to celebrate Independence Day. They will be spending an average of $71.23 per household. Find out the details of how they plan to celebrate and what they plan to spend on here. (NRF) Hubspot ran an article last year on the 9 Brands That Totally Nailed Their [...]

The Week in Retail: What Customers Want from Their Omni-Channel Experience

Michael Karg, CEO of Razorfish, discusses what customers want from their omni-channel experience and how retailers can keep up with their customers' expectations. Competition for retailers is rising with the elimination of geographical barriers allowing global brands to be more accessible through their online stores. There is a change in customer behavior and a rise in their expectations [...]

The Week in Retail: The Evolution of Social Networks

A few months ago, Greg Pouy, a digital marketing strategist, created a very informative presentation on The Future of the Luxury Shopping Experience. This week, Greg explores the evolution of social networks in a recent CMO commentary. Puoy says that messaging apps are growing in use and effectiveness, social media is a must, and digital [...]

The Week in Retail: Why Retailers Need to Focus on Customer Retention, Millennials and Apple Pay

As more retailers jump on the social selling bandwagon, Twitter is now testing mobile commerce with its new “buy” button on tweets. The new feature is currently available to a small group of users and the first sellers include artists, non-profit organizations and several retailers, including Burberry. The social networking service has partnered with several [...]

The Week in Retail: Going Beyond Traditional Loyalty Programs, Social Selling, and E-Commerce Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

According to the Wall Street Journal, the luxury retail sector will be facing a slowdown as luxury consumption is estimated to grow by 6 percent compared to 7 percent in 2013. It’s time for luxury retailers to re-evaluate their customer loyalty strategies to ensure that they align with their premium products and exceptional customer service. [...]