Injecting Creativity into Apparel Merchandising

As people browse and shop more online – and increasingly on mobile – how you present merchandise to customers is key to winning sales, improving average order value, and securing conversions. There are many ways to effectively merchandise individual items – by offering dynamic swatches to show an item in all its available colors, [...]

INTERVIEW: Luxury Jewelers Resource Group

NOTE: Raymark is now part of the Mi9 Retail team Tim Claire, Chief Operating Officer of London Jewelers discusses why the Luxury Jewelers Resource Group (LJRG) selected Raymark as its software partner, the challenges that the Group was facing, and the key business opportunities that the Raymark system will help the Group address in the [...]

Luxury Jewelers Resource Group Selects Raymark

NOTE:  Raymark is now part of the Mi9 Retail team Raymark is thrilled to welcome select members of the Luxury Jewelers Resource Group (LJRG) to its growing family of customers. The consortium of privately-owned and independent jewelers has unanimously selected Raymark’s end-to-end suite of solutions for Point of Sale (including mobile), Clienteling, Merchandising, Replenishment, Open-to-Buy [...]

The CIO’s Guide to Selecting Software for International Retail

With international borders increasingly blurred as e-commerce and mobile commerce become part of consumers’ everyday lives, more and more retailers are looking to expand their brick-and-mortar operations into new global markets. Be it by mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, franchises or strategic entry, penetrating new countries and continents can be a risky endeavor with potential for [...]

Top 5 Features that all Jewelry Retailers Need for Operational Control

Every retail vertical is unique and the jewelry market is no exception. Not only do luxury jewelers boast an inventory of the most beautiful gems and diamonds crafted in gold, platinum or silver, but they also offer very specialized services to their customers. As a niche market, jewelers have very specific business processes and therefore [...]

VIDEO: Raymark End to End Solutions for Retail Inventory Management

Sales forecasts, inventory budgets, replenishment... in retail, you're always thinking about the future. Raymark empowers retailers with inventory management software to make the most accurate plans for the future, with integrated, end-to-end solutions for retail management. Raymark’s solutions for Planning and Retail Inventory Management take financial planning, budgeting, and open-to-buy forecasting to a higher level. [...]