The Week in Retail: Why Email is Vital for Multichannel Customer Experience

David Moth at Econsultancy discusses why email is crucial for multichannel marketing. Email is playing a huge role in the increasingly multi-device behavior of customers and is the preferred mode of brand marketing for consumers in every age bracket. Email will always stay important because it's one of the few communication channels that is free [...]

The Week in Retail: What Holiday Shoppers Want

RIS News released their much-anticipated annual software LeaderBoard on Tuesday, and Raymark was honored throughout the report! In addition to ranking in the Top 15 Software Leaders, we were thrilled to have ranked in 14 (yes, FOURTEEN) new categories, including a top three ranking in Ease of Installation and Integration by Mid-Size Retailers, Overall Performance [...]

The Week in Retail: Creating a Memorable Retail Experience

Creating a memorable retail experience that people will share takes more than optimizing a handful of social media accounts. It's about building connections through a variety of means and it happens in authentic personal interactions both before and after a purchase has been made. Social platforms are merely tools for achieving a higher goal, which [...]