The Week in Retail: Retail looks good in red, white, and blue!

Almost two thirds of Americans (64.4%) are planning to celebrate Independence Day. They will be spending an average of $71.23 per household. Find out the details of how they plan to celebrate and what they plan to spend on here. (NRF) Hubspot ran an article last year on the 9 Brands That Totally Nailed Their [...]

The Week in Retail: The Store of the Future 2020

The future of the store experience is combining the digital experience and physical experience. Whisbi predicts the customer journey in the year 2020. The presentation explores the latest omni-channel innovations in the shopping experience. Click-to-collect, sidewalk shopping, smart mannequins, interactive displaying, connected showroom, augmented reality and many more! These technologies are already used by some [...]

5 Best Practices about Digital-Physical Mashups in Retail

There have been debates and predictions that digital technology will be the end of and destroy physical retail, however, Darrell Rigby, head of Bain & Company’s Global Innovation and Global Retail does not believe so. Digital and physical retail are moving towards each other instead of only one being pursued or both independently. Many retailers [...]