In-Store Experience

5 Strategies Footwear Retailers Should Use to Delight Their Customers

Today’s consumers have a myriad of choices at their fingertips and more access to information than ever before. In just minutes, they can check online reviews or even write some, making the shoe market an increasingly competitive one. Most importantly, clients are powerful enough to either force a store into bankruptcy [...]

The Top 5 Signs Your Retail Business Needs Clienteling

1. Associates are going rogue Have you ever observed what your top selling associates do in a day? Have you ever asked them what they think they do differently from the rest? Often, the top selling associates are doing more than you might think! Aside from great selling skills, top associates often possess entrepreneurial grit, [...]

The Week in Retail: The Store of the Future 2020

The future of the store experience is combining the digital experience and physical experience. Whisbi predicts the customer journey in the year 2020. The presentation explores the latest omni-channel innovations in the shopping experience. Click-to-collect, sidewalk shopping, smart mannequins, interactive displaying, connected showroom, augmented reality and many more! These technologies are already used by some [...]

The Week in Retail: Omni-Channel Holiday Planning and More on Meeting Consumer Demands

Canada’s luxury retailers, Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen are expanding their retail footprint in preparation for the arrival of American luxury companies expecting to enter the market. Nordstrom officially opens its first Canadian store in Calgary today and other brands such as Saks, Jimmy Choo, and Tory Burch are on their way. The interest in [...]

The Week in Retail: How Mobile is Taking Over the World

Saks Fifth Avenue has kicked off a new social shopping experience for consumers: #SaksStyle. This new hub, part of Saks’ website consists of a gallery of images that display real people that bought and are engaging with Saks’ products in the real world. These user-generated images are collected from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and [...]

The Week in Retail: How Luxury Retailers are Taking Technology to the Next Level

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you could design your own store? If it’s one with digital touch screens, automatic authentication of visitors, dressing rooms and no checkout lines, you may be in luck. According to Garter analyst Jeffrey Roster, “the retail industry will experience more innovation in the next three [...]