Customer Service

The Week in Retail: Personalizing the Store Experience with Clienteling

The top challenge for store associates is identifying and engaging with the most valuable consumers. Most retailers collect basic customer contact information but fewer than 20% collect store shopping preferences such as size and color. Only 13% of retailers have access to a customer’s browsing history. The article explains how Clienteling is able to gather [...]

The Week in Retail: Two Overlooked Musts of Omni-Channel

Successful retailers know that they need to engage customers through “omni-channel” in order to survive and compete in today's retail market. The most profitable customers are people who shop both online and offline channels. So why aren't all retailers implementing omni-channel strategies? According to Jason Goldberg of Razorfish, many retailers don't have the two essential ingredients in place. The [...]

Omni-Channel Order Management Guide

The retail industry is undergoing a phenomenal transformation. Technological advances and changes in the traditional shopping journey have retailers scrambling to keep up with the newest trends, especially when it comes to omni-channel retailing. Today’s complex consumers are more knowledgeable, connected, empowered and mobile. The internet and social networks provide easy access to product and [...]