Customer Journey

The Week in Retail: Personalizing the Store Experience with Clienteling

The top challenge for store associates is identifying and engaging with the most valuable consumers. Most retailers collect basic customer contact information but fewer than 20% collect store shopping preferences such as size and color. Only 13% of retailers have access to a customer’s browsing history. The article explains how Clienteling is able to gather [...]

The Week in Retail: Why Email is Vital for Multichannel Customer Experience

David Moth at Econsultancy discusses why email is crucial for multichannel marketing. Email is playing a huge role in the increasingly multi-device behavior of customers and is the preferred mode of brand marketing for consumers in every age bracket. Email will always stay important because it's one of the few communication channels that is free [...]

Leveraging Customer Data for E-commerce Success

Businesses in the digital economy are increasingly dealing with tons of data. Supplier data, traffic data, site performance data, sales and promotions data, AB testing data … Big Data. How do you sort it all out and have the confidence at the end of the day that you are not missing what’s important? Oh [...]

The Week in Retail: It’s not about the Destination. It’s about the Journey.

As retailers strive to become more customer-centric, the role of Marketers has become more and more important in the retail world. The smartest marketers at the most innovative companies have stopped focusing solely on the destination (a purchase, an upgrade, a download) and invested heavily in the journey. Marketers are now responsible for the entire [...]