The Week in Retail: 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Personalization

Personalizing the shopping experience is a top priority for many retailers in 2015. According to a Forrester survey, 75% of retailers put personalization technology as their top investment priority in 2014. Trends like personalization are beginning to shape the future of retail and a big part of personalization in 2015 will revolve around mobile devices. [...]

The Week in Retail: It’s not about the Destination. It’s about the Journey.

As retailers strive to become more customer-centric, the role of Marketers has become more and more important in the retail world. The smartest marketers at the most innovative companies have stopped focusing solely on the destination (a purchase, an upgrade, a download) and invested heavily in the journey. Marketers are now responsible for the entire [...]

5 Ways Jewelry Retailers Can Use Clienteling to Boost Sales

Buying jewelry is such a personal experience. Because jewelry purchases are frequently so emotional, it’s critical that associates can make a personal connection with customers. It’s the associates in store who make the first connection and, with the right clienteling tools, it’s also those associates who have the power to bring customers back in the [...]

Guest Blog: What are the essential qualities of the best retail sales leaders?

As discussed in the previous post, What are the essential qualities of the best retail sales professionals?, successful retail salespeople demonstrate attributes, perhaps even we should call them virtues, that add value to every transaction. These retail professionals go beyond providing friendly, efficient and knowledgeable service to strengthening deeper professional and personal relationships. In the [...]

Guest Blog: What are the essential qualities of the best retail sales professionals?

The retail world is changing because the customer is changing, driven significantly by technology. Keeping pace with customers’ speed of adaptation to new technology is a formidable task, and while a competitive necessity, having the “latest” may only last a day. The price of entry for a retail business is having up to date [...]

Are you omni-channel? Would your customers agree?

Earlier this year, I was shopping at one of my favorite retailers. This retailer is well-known, international, and sells ladies’ apparel targeted at young professionals. They have an e-commerce website, mobile app, catalog, and brick-and-mortar stores in multiple continents. You might think that they are omni-channel, but my customer experience was [...]