The Week in Retail: Why WiFi?

Retailers are missing out on opportunities to connect mobile with physical stores by leaving out WiFi within store locations. Less than 50% of stores have wireless Internet available, according to a report from RSR. Out of the retailers polled, only 17% have introduced a mobile point of sales system, which can offer employees [...]

The Week in Retail: 22 Books and Blogs Influencing NYC Retail Execs

Find out what NYC retail leaders are reading. Here’s a summary of their recommendations of 22 blogs, books, and newsletters that they’re most likely to suggest to colleagues on the following topics: Leadership, management and culture Digital, tech and innovation Marketing, consumer behavior and trendspotting (NRF) “The tablet revolution has not just reached the retail [...]

The Week in Retail: Winning over Consumers’ Hearts and Wallets and Gaining Freedom in the Cloud

Gone are the days where radio, television and print advertising were enough for a retailer or brand to generate awareness or even meet the needs of buyers. These traditional mediums have long been replaced by social media, video and content marketing, strategies that drive customer engagement. Personalization has become unanimously expected and retailers must provide [...]