Big Data

The Week in Retail: The Retail Tipping Point

Retailers are leveraging big data to help drive customers to their stores and websites. The main application of data and analytics in retail today is around mining historical data such as point-of-sale, online purchases, social sentiment such as “likes” and “pins” and other “post sale” activities. However, the true “tipping point” is found with those [...]

The Week in Retail: 7 Inspiring Examples of Omni-Channel User Experiences

To implement a successful omni-channel strategy, a retail store needs to determine the key tasks or actions that customers perform throughout the shopping experience, and then let them accomplish those tasks across multiple channels. Aaron Aguis of HubSpot highlights 7 excellent examples from top brands that are successfully implementing omni-channel experiences. They include Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of [...]

The Week in Retail: What Customers Want from Their Omni-Channel Experience

Michael Karg, CEO of Razorfish, discusses what customers want from their omni-channel experience and how retailers can keep up with their customers' expectations. Competition for retailers is rising with the elimination of geographical barriers allowing global brands to be more accessible through their online stores. There is a change in customer behavior and a rise in their expectations [...]

The Week in Retail: E-Commerce Index Report and the Data-Driven Art of Digital Marketing

The 2015 edition of The E-Commerce Index Report created by iVentures Consulting is now available in free download on SlideShare. The Report analyzes and ranks 111 leading local and international leaders’ E-Commerce ecosystems through 250 criteria before, during and after purchase including omni-channel and online marketing. The Index provides a great overview of E-Commerce on [...]

The Week in Retail: How to Differentiate your Brand from the Rest of the Pack

If you don’t already provide social customer service, it may be time to reconsider. According to this statistic, 47% of all social media users have engaged a brand via social media with a question or complaint and 90% are more likely to purchase from a brand after seeing the brand respond well to customer feedback. [...]