The Week in Retail: Engaging the New Retail Customer

Matt Holt, Director of Digital Strategy at OgilvyOne, discuses emerging trends in retail and how to engage the new retail customer in a Slideshare presentation. He illustrates the following trends through retail examples: When it comes to retail, consumer needs haven’t changed, their expectations have The consumer’s path to purchase has becomes less linear, [...]

The Week in Retail: Creating a Memorable Retail Experience

Creating a memorable retail experience that people will share takes more than optimizing a handful of social media accounts. It's about building connections through a variety of means and it happens in authentic personal interactions both before and after a purchase has been made. Social platforms are merely tools for achieving a higher goal, which [...]

The Week in Retail: Digital Interactions, Technologies and More

As retailers find new ways to innovate their brick-and-mortar stores and combat showrooming, many are testing the use of beacons. The digital technology provides huge opportunities for retailers, as long as they use it wisely. In the study, shoppers interacted with beacon notifications 45 percent of the time, however, when retailers pushed more than one [...]