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Mi9 Mosaic Store is a device-agnostic store platform for POS, clienteling, and inventory management that puts customer-centricity into the handheld devices of retail professionals.

The solution pieces together all the elements required to operate stores efficiently, perfect the shopping experience and transform sales associates into customer experts. With Mi9 Mosaic Store, retailers can use mobile technology to engage with customers in new and different ways, making it possible to:

  • Browse through a beautiful gallery-style layout of products and easily access descriptions, images, prices and alternative sizes or colors while assisting customers
  • Improve associate productivity by providing a mobile retail software solution that acts as a launch pad for daily tasks, from point of sale to clienteling, inventory lookup and more
  • Provide true omni-channel experiences with a database-agnostic mobile retail platform
  • Utilize the application’s HTML5 technology that enables the solution to run on a PC workstation, iPad, mobile retailing tablets or traditional POS installations
  • Increase training and deployment speed by configuring the application’s layouts, labels and look – making it a custom tool without the added expense of custom development
  • Improve stock movement and achieve higher margins with intelligent cross-selling, up-selling and customer-centric features, including wish lists, outreach tasks and more

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True Omni-Channel Experience

Gain a true 360-degree view of the customer across all channels.

▌ Mobile POS

Mi9 Mosaic POS provides full mobile functionality, enabling you to run completely wireless stores. The solution provides real-time capabilities, making it a must-have for up-to-the second access to product information. Transactions can be made anywhere in the store for a true line-busting experience. POS functionalities include promotions, discounts, voids, customer orders and the ability to suspend and retrieve transactions on any mobile device, fixed workstation or other in-store location.

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▌ Clienteling

Mi9 Mosaic Clienteling provides a robust set of customer engagement tools that guide retail associates through proven best practices of effective selling. Empower your associates with Mi9 Mosaic Clienteling and benefit from rapid return on investment with higher average tickets, more return customers and greater profit margins.

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▌ Inventory Management

Mi9 Mosaic Inventory Management offers real-time, centralized visibility of inventory across all business channels. Whether adding items to a transaction or utilizing the omni-channel inventory lookup, associates are able to check outside availability across the organization, ensuring that customers have access to items they want, wherever they happen to shop, so sales are never missed. Plus, stores may receive products from the distribution center, another store or even from a vendor as well as transfer products between stores or back to a distribution center.

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▌ Store Associate Management

Mi9 Store Associate Management is a retail associate management software solution developed to empower store managers with integrated tools to keep them on the cutting edge of talent management and workforce optimization. The solution provides visibility into associate operations and transactions in real-time with integrated retail associate management software to easily plan objectives and manage commissions, staff profiles, time, attendance and more.

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▌ Repairs

Managing repairs or services including alterations, embroidery, engraving and resizing is made simple with Mi9 Repairs. With the ability to include documentation and images within the repair order, this integrated module provides real-time visibility into every step of the repair process. Associates can easily create, monitor and process repairs all from a centralized database. In addition, associates will receive instant notifications when an item is ready for customer pickup or delivery. A full-featured repair management module, Mi9 Repairs provides streamlined communication between repair experts and the associates who communicate with customers.

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