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Retail Analytics

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Mi9 Dashboard Reporting is an integrated retail analytics toolset that retrieves, analyzes, transforms and reports data in real time. Fast insights and compelling visuals empower retailers with the critical omni-channel data needed to make timely and fact-based strategic decisions necessary to take action and run the business.

This retail analytics and reporting solution provides the freedom to view reports and dashboards based on transactional data, product information or customer analytics. Integrating seamlessly with Mi9 Affinity Merchandising, the combined solutions provide meaningful visibility, enabling better-informed decisions making it possible to:

  • Improve operational efficiency and increase user productivity with role-based, real-time dashboards
  • Break down departmental information silos and improve collaboration by gathering all data in a centralized environment
  • Easily personalize the way data is visualized by hiding unused fields or adapting screen layouts and fields to specific roles
  • Monitor retail analytics and business KPIs from anywhere on any mobile device
  • Make more accurate business decisions and create more profitable experiences based on analytics for customers, suppliers and inventory
  • Reduce IT spend by empowering business users to easily create fully-customized reports with simple drag-and-drop tools

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Analytics 24/7

Analytics and reporting toolset provides visual insights anywhere, anytime.

▌ Role-Specific Dashboards

With 25 dashboards, including store inventory analysis, sales performance, customer analysis, customer sales, loss prevention, product performance, markdown analysis, store profit and performance, fidelity analysis, product KPIs and on-order analysis, our solution allows you to arrange customized dashboards based on roles or personal key performance indicators (KPIs).

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▌ Insights from Any Data Source

Our retail analytics solution enables you to organize data in a way that makes it simple to zero in on key insights with drill-down capability. You can generate reports and view retail analytics dashboards on transactional, product or customer profile data from any omni-channel data source, including social data.

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Retail Analytics