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Fashion Retailer Tori Richard Goes Live on Mi9 Retail Omni-Channel Platform

MIAMI February 20, 2017 – Mi9 Retail is pleased to announce that Tori Richard Ltd., a Hawaii-based manufacturer of men’s and women’s resort wear, has gone live on Mi9 e-Commerce and Order Management as part of its omni-channel expansion strategy. Tori Richard was founded 60 years ago in Honolulu, Hawaii initially as a women’s wear [...]

The Top 5 Things to Look for in a New E-Commerce Platform

Consumer expectations in e-commerce evolve rapidly. It’s important to stay responsive to those expectations in order to stay competitive in a diverse and growing field. This doesn’t mean adopting every new trend as it comes along in an effort to stick to the cutting edge of e-commerce innovation, however. It’s much better to [...]

Simple Strategies for Improving Apparel SEO

The numerous options available for apparel items can make merchandising challenging for e-commerce retailers. With numerous color, size, and other combinations available for given items, it takes a bit of strategy to ensure that your items show up in search results for customers. Smart Product Pages For a long time, a common practice [...]

Robust Promotional Tools to Drive Apparel E-Commerce Sales

Customers love a good deal. As the e-commerce landscape evolves, so too do promotional tools that you can use to draw customers to your site and drive sales. Free shipping – as standard practice or as special limited-time promotion – is a great place to start to help increase sales and drive conversions. There [...]

Do you speak retail? A retail lexicon.

Even the most experienced professionals can sometimes find it challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving language of retail. New jargon and buzzwords are regularly becoming part of our everyday language in response to rapidly changing consumer trends and technology. Here's a lexicon of the most frequently heard and often misunderstood terms in the [...]

Replatforming – Total Overhaul or Gradual Update?

To stay competitive in e-commerce, it’s important to periodically assess the effectiveness of your e-commerce platform. Are the tools available to you meeting the demands of your business? Has the design become outdated or ceased to be user-friendly? Have customers expressed frustration with the shopping experience? Is it challenging or time-consuming to make the smallest changes [...]

Cultivating Strong Customer Loyalty

As much as e-commerce has transformed the retail landscape in the last decade, social media has transformed the landscape of e-commerce in an even shorter period of time. Customers engage with brands in ways that differ greatly from previous generations and this will continue to change as technology evolves. As your company crafts customer [...]

4 Ways to Expand your Mobile E-Commerce Strategy

The debate about whether you need to design a mobile experience for consumers has been settled. With Google’s algorithmic changes that favor mobile-ready sites and the fact that the majority of adults use smartphones, if you have not yet optimized your site’s mobile user experience, do so now. As you build and improve [...]

3 Reasons to Integrate Your e-Commerce Systems

To stay competitive in e-commerce, you have to be able to respond quickly to customer demands. This may mean integrating with the latest social media platforms, deploying new marketing strategies, taking advantage of innovative merchandising tools, or responding thoroughly and effectively to service requests. Integrating the systems that handle various elements of your [...]

Mi9 Retail Launches New Analytics Platform Bringing Actionable Intelligence to the Forefront

NEW YORK January 16, 2017 – Mi9 Retail announces the general availability of Mi9 Intelligence, a newly redesigned business intelligence platform made exclusively for retailers.  Mi9 Intelligence provides actionable analytics, role-based dashboards, KPIs, reports, and ad hoc discovery capabilities delivered via a secure cloud infrastructure. Mi9 Intelligence makes it easier than ever for retailers to [...]