Customer-Centric Merchandising for the Luxury Retailer

2017 July Webinar 2017-07-10T16:02:05+00:00

Thursday, July 20, 2017 | 2 p.m. ET

Innovative strategies to build the best assortment.

To successfully sell your products to luxury retail shoppers, you need to know your customers. Learn how you can meet the needs of customers and achieve your sales goals by allowing customer preferences to guide category management decisions.

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Paula Levy - Mi9 Retail Webinar Presenter

Paula Levy

Chief Strategy Officer at Demand Worldwide

Paula Levy is widely recognized as one of retail’s foremost experts on Clienteling, CRM, Loyalty and Customer Engagement. She is a seasoned business technology strategist, author, and speaker, and was instrumental in the design of the first Customer Relationship Management solution for luxury retailers. Her firm, Demand Worldwide, works with retailers and B2B technology companies on customer engagement and change management strategies to engage with GenZ, the newest and most connected consumer. DW is a strategic partner of Mi9 Retail for Change Management and Adoption programs.

Tressa Klossner

Sr. Solutions Consultant at Mi9 Retail

With 20+ years of retail experience, Tressa is an industry veteran having spent her career in retail management, merchandise management and retail systems. Prior to joining Mi9 Retail, she focused on retail systems support, quality assurance, project management and implementation consulting services for ERP, POS, merchandise planning, e-commerce and business intelligence solutions. As the Senior Retail Solution Consultant at Mi9 Retail, Tressa is responsible for working with retailers to understand their specific business requirements and demonstrating how the Mi9 Retail solutions will meet their needs to help them succeed.

Tressa Klossner-Mi9 Retail Webinar Presenter
Photos by Tamara Bellis & Shattha Pilabut